What am I doing?

Anyone who has ever followed a dream, started new or changed a habit can identify with me here… What am I doing? Cue nerves, self-doubt and anxiety. I have always been a slightly anxious person. Always scared of change, scared of new beginnings and honestly, if we are going to get to the nitty-gritty, scared of failure. Aren’t we all to a point? Isn’t that part of being human? The problem surfaces when we don’t pursue our dreams and don’t allow ourselves to become great because of that fear and anxiety. We stay stagnant because it is what’s comfortable and known. Well, I have been blessed with an amazing other-half, who pushes me and challenges me. If I am going to be honest, B&C is mostly his doing. I have had this dream and brain-child for years and he finally called me out and said “Why don’t you just do it? What have you got to lose?”… And so here we are.

I have also been blessed with the circumstances to be able to go after this dream. Due to S’s job, we have found ourselves in Lima, Peru for the next few years. I am unable to practice PT on the local market due to a myriad of issues; licensure, time, money etc. I thought I would be happy with just a normal job, which I am and feel blessed to have a way to help provide for my family, BUT when you have a calling, you have a calling right? My fellow PTs, medical professionals, teachers and any public service profession really, feel me, right? It takes a special type of person to provide care to others. It’s ingrained in your being. And for me, I had to figure out a way to act on that. I love my profession and I truly miss working with patients. The impact that you can have on that person’s life, and they on yours, is immeasurable. On average, a patient spends 2-3 times a week at PT, for anywhere from 1-2 hours… That’s a grand total of possibly up to 6 hours a week! And considering, especially with me, most of that time is spent talking, that is a lot of information that can be passed back and forth. Learning for both my patients, and myself.

So what is B&C then? First and foremost, it is a way for me to practice boutique style (pay of out pocket and not be ruled by Insurance companies) Physical Therapy, but also a way to coach people on living healthier lives. Lately, I feel like the whole “coaching” thing has become popular… You can literally find a coach for everything.  I liked the idea of being able to meet one on one with people and figure out ways to help them enjoy a healthier, and potentially more fulfilling, lifestyle. Everywhere today, people are pushing “quick fixes” or life saving products and while those may work for some, I feel like those are the few and far between. My big problem with them… they are not individualized nor sustainable. I think this is where failure occurs. Every person has different preferences, different schedules and different lifestyles, and it’s important to plan a program specific to them. They need recipe ideas, cooking tips, organization tips, exercise plans and anything in between to help them succeed. Cue COACHING. My vision is to work together to look at your life and help you figure out what should change and set reasonable expectations for results. So, you only have 30 minutes a day to devote to exercise? Cool… here are some great ideas for some 30 minute interval plans and let’s help you learn along the way so you can make your own without me. So, you love eating pastas, pizzas and anything with carbs? Cool… let’s come up with some healthier ways to incorporate different ingredients to get you your craving fix but not send you into a blood sugar rush. And these individual programs are all about teaching and learning. The sustainability part is when the patient/client can continue the lifestyle and succeed WITHOUT the help of the coach/therapist i.e. ME! That is our ultimate goal. And I am absolutely cool with that.

So here goes. I’m jumping in head first and leaving my anxiety, fears and self-doubting by the wayside. If I can impact one person through B&C, then it’s all worth it.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” -1 Peter 5:7



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