I am a Wife, Mom, Christian, Physical Therapist and nutrition enthusiast wanting to follow my dream and calling of helping others reach their full potential for a happy and healthy life. Unlike many fad diets and fitness plans, I believe that the key to health is a doable and functional lifestyle change. What does that mean exactly? It means something that fits into your day-to-day routines, likes and dislikes and is made for success. It is sustainable!

We all have foods and activities that we like and don’t like and I believe the best plan we can have is to do those things and eat those things in healthy amounts. A little sneak peek into me… I love, and I mean LOVE, chocolate and sweets (cupcakes too of course). And eating them in poor amounts and not exercising found me 65 pounds heavier than I am today. I weighed more in college than I did the day before I had each of my children… Man what an eye opener. An unrealistic diet plan for me would have been to cut out all sweets and call it a day. But is that really sustainable for someone who truly likes eating them… I THINK NOT. So what did I do? Over time, for me a period of almost a year in graduate school, I started exercising and slowly started incorporating more healthy foods into my diet. By the end of graduate school I had dropped 60 pounds and have stayed within that goal weight for the last 7 years. There it is… SUSTAINABLE.

Over the last few years, I have taken an interest in trying to eat clean, cook more and do more exercising. I don’t mean longer duration exercises because honestly, who has time for that?? I mean quick, no more than 45 minute, whole body, functional intervals that can be applied to all stages and people. I am extremely blessed to have a husband whose wonderful job takes us all over the world and affords me the opportunity to stay home with my children part-time and pursue my hobbies, such as cooking, baking and exercising. I have become quite proficient at incorporating more whole clean foods into our diet and finding ways to make sweets, yes even chocolate and cupcakes, more healthy. At the urging of my amazingly supportive husband, I have decided to take these hobbies of mine and put them into practice. I am currently taking the Precision Nutrition certification course and just started Burpees and Cupcakes, a Boutique Physical Therapy practice, that also provides a myriad of programs for Fitness and Nutrition Coaching both in person and online. Cue excitement, nerves and anxiety now… so here goes 🙂